About our 3D Printer Kits

Yes this site is still under construction!. Come back soon we're trying to finish this website in our spare time.

What's included

All parts, electronics, bearings, hot-end, heated bed, nuts and bolts.

If you want you can register for a workshop. If you can't wait and want to start building today you can follow our video tutorials after the purchase.

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Lots of features

Our kits are based on OSS designs and we give away the modified stl files to anyone who wants them.

This way if any part should break or wear out you can print a spare yourself or by a friend!

Self repairing

Tuned with care

We've been tinkering with homebrew 3D printers since 2011. Learning to make even bad hardware work through firmware and settings tweaks was a challange.

This experience made it possible to have awesome print quality once the hardware improved!

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Popular products

WalleBOT v2.1 Full Kit

Based on Prusa i2 but modified carriage, x-ends, bearings & firmware for better performance.

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Heated bed tape 20cm

Once you want to print a full bed of parts it can be frustrating if a part loosens or warps (common with ABS). This tape is the answer to all your adhesion problems!

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Stepper Motors

We only stock the most accurate and quiet stepper motors that are perfect for detailed and quiet printing.

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Hot Ends

This is our best price/value hot-end. We've had this 0.4mm version running for 2 years straight without breaking or clogging!

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  • Where

    Pelikaanstraat 42 in Antwerp or Philips De Monteplein 7 in Edegem depending on location demand. Both in tiny Belgium. So spread the word...

  • Pricing

    Pricing kits start at €450 and run all the way up to €999 if you take the 'go all in' package ;)

  • Log In & Signup (under construction)

    Clean & simple Log In, Signup & Forgot Your Password forms.

  • Contact

    Currently too busy but if it's really really important just call me at +32(0)486/118836

What you get and what you learn

  • Magic

    Learn how these little robots turn filament into any desired shape. What are the common misconseptions. How does bridging work and what are the limits. How do you print faster. How do you print with more detail...

  • Finish your entire kit in one go!

    Together with fellow enthousiasts and a teacher you help eachother turn the kit parts into a fully working and calibrated 3D printer!

  • Slic3r and Firmware

    Learn about slicing objects with Slic3r, creating your own 3d objects and how to go from an 3d object to printing it on your printer.

    You also get the latest and greatest firmware + settings that are specifically tuned for your 3D printer so you can go home and focus on creating!